Monday, 2 September 2019

Where it all happens...... The Bloggers Retreat and Making the Perfect Creative Environment

(Photo by Pereanu Sebastian on Unsplash)

Blogging is a relatively new venture for me, although writing itself is not. 
I've always tried to have an "escape too" room. A safe space to jot down ideas, read and produce creative writing pieces. 

Since taking on the daunting task of becoming a blogger, as well as maintaining a full time job, I felt it was important to "create" a haven that would give me the perfect environment that made a statement. The space would need to be bright and colourful with inspiration. A space to read and research and an area for the writing to take place. Anyone who has worked or currently works with me will know I am easily distracted and therefore, the environment needed to make allowances for this. Room to wonder and a fidget cube should do the trick. 

Having completed some online research, I have found an article that suggests following 10 steps to the perfect environment. I am not going to write them all here, just my favourites, but I will add the link below for anyone else who is looking for an interesting read in how to make the perfect, creative environment. 

  1. Dress comfortably. This sounds good to me. Lounging around in comfy trousers or shorts and T shirt is perfect. 
  2. Comfortable seating. Hopefully not too comfy that I begin taking extra naps, but comfy enough I do not become fidgety and restless. How's an arm chair and a desk chair? 
  3. Food- say no more! 
  4. Include lots of Visual Stimulation to help with inspiration. For me, I have added a tapestry wall art picture that covers most of one wall. I brought this off of the wish app. I'll include a link below in case you don't know it- definitely some cheap bargains going on on with wish site. 
  5. Have lots of things to touch and play with. Fidget Cube does the trick for this. 
Having followed some of these steps, I have been able to create a space, complete with pink lighting and some extra room for my fellow companion George (the monkey). The room is spacious, organised, bright and colourful. 

There are unfortunately no snacks in the room, but I do have the fidget cube to keep me occupied. 

I guess it's trial and error until I find the prefect space but for now, this is where it all happens. 

(George the monkey)

.....Happy Blogging.....

Link to Wish Site:

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