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Creative Writing: Social Work- I have three parents you know....

I have three parents you know….

Written by LexiRose @  

19th Septmber 2019

I have three parents you know? My sister Lily and me,
And I appreciate it’s difficult for you all to see.
But please take a seat and drink your tea,
whilst I take the time to explain how things came to be.

Parent one is that of my biological mother
I’ll tell you, it did not take her long to find another,
The next bad man with a Fix-er uper,
I cried when I almost had a little baby brother.

She left me alone all day and night,
and I was always thankful to be out of sight,
for when she and Steve saw only black lights
I new I could sleep and I would be alright.

Sometimes it was hard as Lilly would cry
And I was so scared someone would die.
Especially when mum and Steve were so often high.
I never knew the day would come where we could say goodbye.

A man in uniform came to my school, “Robyn, it’s time to go soon”
I was puzzled and confused because it was barely noon,
then I caught him looking at the mark from mum’s wooden spoon
and my teacher announced “he’ll be twelve in June”.

In the car I am silent and wishing for home,
I was worried my mum wouldn't answer the house phone.
“where is Lilly?” I started to moan
as I sat in the back of the Volkswagen alone.

It’s dark and it’s cold and I can see lights flickering
Inside this small cottage just above the clearing.
“where are we going” I start fearing
and I swear this uniformed guy is hard of hearing.

Parent two is that of my foster carer,
I really wished he wouldn’t come any nearer.
In the living room he had three two seater's’and
he said “sorry lad, I’ve got a fever”

Day one, day two, then three and four,
please don't think I was just keeping score,
but I was anxious because no one would tell me more.
And Lilly was gone and I couldn't save her like before.

But then day five began to change
when a “sibling contact” had been arranged
and oh my how happy I felt that finally, we were no longer restrained.
Lilly was smiling and so was I, as our very first hug was excitably exchanged.

It’s Monday afternoon and your on your way over
to do that last minute visit in late October.
Yes you’ve guessed it, your the controller,
Parent number three, My Social Worker.

You enter the house and talk as if I was not here,
whispering so quietly I can not possibly hear.
This behaviour of yours only makes me fear,
and then you proceed to ask me “Robyn, do you like it here?”

well Mrs Susan, my social worker friend,
I’ll tell you the truth because you drive me round the bend.
You come late and break your promise which you think you can just mend
but I am telling you now, you are not what I recommend.

“I just want my sister Lilly” I protest,
for that's the only way you can restore my trust.
You pretend you understand but still I’m repeating that the court must!
then you slowly walk away, leaving the door mostly shut.

Several days have past and Parent 2 tells me your back.
I was nervous and ready to attack
when you said “Robyn, just look behind your back”
I turn slowly, confused, scared it’s a hack

and then there she is, I see her clearly,
my beautiful baby sister Lilly.
With a snack in each hand I’m thinking “really?”
“The courts said yes” said Susan cheerily

I have three parents you know? My sister Lilly and me,
And I appreciate it’s difficult for you all to see.
One biological, one foster carer and one social worker from Dundee
and now I am ready to work with all three.

Written by LexiRose @  
19th September 2019
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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